Panini Platter

  • Serves 5-7
  • Starting at $39
  • Choice of 3 Varieties

Family Panini Platter

3 Varieties, Serves 5-7, $40

Focaccia with roast turkey, fresh mozzarella, roasted sweet peppers, and herb mayo



Executive Panini Platter

3 Varieties, Serves 5-7, $49


Bag Lunch

$12.50 for a catering sandwich, bag of chips, and a mini cannoli

$14.50 for a catering sandwich, bag of chips, and a regular cannoli

Sandwich choices: Paul’s, Amanda’s, Evan’s, Emma’s & Brenda’s



Individually Wrapped Items

  • We can offer Half Sandwiches wrapped individually.

  • Choose from any of our Family Favorite sandwiches.

  • Put your party over the top with Single Serve Great Lakes Chips and Individually wrapped Large Cannoli or Tiramisu!

Signature Salad

Serves 6-8, $45


Serves 6-8, $30, Mix of Spinach & Arugula

  • Italian Vinaigrette (House made)
  • Creamy Garlic & Herb (House made)
  • Balsamic & Olive Oil 
  • Red Wine & Olive Oil

Pasta Salad

Serves 6-8, $30

Our pasta salad comes with artichokes, celery, red peppers, fresh greens and a bread crumb topping.

  • Italian Vinaigrette (House made)
  • Herb Mayo (House made)
Cannoli Platter


12 or 24 Large Cannoli. Dipped in chocolate chips or pistachios. $38 or $76

24, 36 or 48 Mini Cannoli. Dipped in chocolate chips or pistachios. $36, $54 or $72

Serves 12-16. Our tiramisu is made with a delicate mascarpone cream and a house-made olive oil sponge cake that is soaked in espresso and layered high.  $35

Serves 12-16. Our Italian Ricotta Cheesecake is similar in style to American cheesecake, but the ricotta cheese gives this cake a unique flavor, and makes it light and fluffy. With a delightful touch of orange, this cheesecake is sure to be a hit at your table. This cheesecake has no crust and is gluten friendly. $35

We also have chips and drinks available! See our regular menu for current selection. 

Order Online (see below). Or call (920) 783-6012 between 8 am – 7 pm Mon-Sat to find out more about our offerings and how we can make your event delicious!

Delivery may be available, please inquire.

Order Online

Some items require a 3 day preorder. Call us for availability if you need items sooner.


*Menu items may contain or come into contact with WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, SOYBEANS and MILK