Panini Platter

  • Serves 5-7
  • Starting at $39
  • Up to 3 Varieties: Choose some of our family favorites or build your own.

Family Panini Platter

3 Varieties, Serves 5-7, $40

Focaccia with roast turkey, fresh mozzarella, roasted sweet peppers, and herb mayo



Executive Panini Platter

3 Varieties, Serves 5-7, $49


Bag Lunch

$12.50 for a catering sandwich, bag of chips, and a mini cannoli

$14.50 for a catering sandwich, bag of chips, and a regular cannoli

Sandwich choices: Paul’s, Amanda’s, Evan’s, Emma’s & Brenda’s
Cecelia's + $1, Teddy's or Kristi's + $1.50

Add-ons available: Pasta salad + $3, Bottled Water + $1, Bottled Soda + $2.50

Make it an Executive Bagged Lunch by adding pasta salad and a bottled soda to really WOW them.



Focaccia with roast turkey & roast beef, cheddar cheese, pickles, tomatoes and dijon mustard.

Focaccia with roast turkey & prosciutto, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, arugula and herb mayo

Focaccia with salami & mortadella, provolone, artichoke hearts, baby spinach and balsamic & olive oil

Individually Wrapped Items

  • We can offer Half Sandwiches wrapped individually.

  • Choose from any of our Family Favorite sandwiches.

  • Put your party over the top with Single Serve Great Lakes Chips and Individually wrapped Large Cannoli or Tiramisu!

Signature Salad

Serves 6-8, $45


Serves 6-8, $30, Mix of Spinach & Arugula

  • Italian Vinaigrette (House made)
  • Creamy Garlic & Herb (House made)
  • Balsamic & Olive Oil 
  • Red Wine & Olive Oil

Pasta Salad

Serves 6-8, $30

Our pasta salad comes with artichokes, celery, red peppers, fresh greens and a bread crumb topping.

  • Italian Vinaigrette (House made)
  • Herb Mayo (House made)

Dill Pickle Platter

Delicious dill pickles sliced on a platter. Each piece is a quarter pickle spear cut in half.

  • 40 Pieces $15
  • 80 Pieces $25
  • 120 Pieces $35


12 or 24 Large Cannoli. Dipped in chocolate chips or pistachios. $38 or $76

24, 36 or 48 Mini Cannoli. Dipped in chocolate chips or pistachios. $36, $54 or $72

Serves 12-16. Our tiramisu is made with a delicate mascarpone cream and a house-made olive oil sponge cake that is soaked in espresso and layered high.  $35

Serves 12-16. Our Italian Ricotta Cheesecake is similar in style to American cheesecake, but the ricotta cheese gives this cake a unique flavor, and makes it light and fluffy. With a delightful touch of orange, this cheesecake is sure to be a hit at your table. This cheesecake has no crust and is gluten friendly. $35

Classic macaron, meringue based with butter cream filling. Gluten free. Contains egg, milk & almond.

Available on a tray or in a box. Minimum of 15 to fill a tray, 20 to fill a box. Sold in quantities of 5. Check our online ordering or call the store to see what flavors are currently available.

Cannoli Platter

We also have chips and drinks available! See our regular menu for current selection. 

Order Online (see below). Or call (920) 783-6012 between 8 am – 7 pm Mon-Sat to find out more about our offerings and how we can make your event delicious!

Delivery may be available, please inquire.

Order Online

Some items require a 3 day preorder. Call us for availability if you need items sooner.


*Menu items may contain or come into contact with WHEAT, EGGS, PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, SOYBEANS and MILK