Hear from Our Customers

Went to Arrosto for lunch today. Had this week's special. It was very good and I will tell you another thing. It will fill you up.
Roger Osthermann
I went to Arrosto for the first time, yesterday- looking for a sandwich that I could eat on a long road trip today. This is hands-down my favorite sandwich ever! The focaccia was divine and everything was fresh and delicious. I can't wait to go back. Thank you for bringing your fabulous flavors to Sheboygan!
Christi Mercier Vincevineus
I'm not a huge sandwich person but I am an Arrosto Person.
Kayla Mueller
I just had this wonderful, flavorful, MASSIVE sandwich from Sheboygan's new authentic New York Deli Arrosto Delicatessen And no it's not as big as it looks. .. .IT'S BIGGER!
Adam Cheise
We loved our sandwiches! The bread was incredible! Thank you for establishing your deli in Sheboygan! Welcome!
Tina Kokinakos
Food is excellent, as is the friendly atmosphere created by the associates!
Tish Higgins Schmidt
We ordered sandwiches last week and they were delicious. Can't wait for our next opportunity to try something else on the menu!
Tammy Skelton
Had Amanda's sandwich yesterday - AMAZING, love at first bite. Sheboygan really hit the jackpot when Paul & Amanda decided to grow roots here and set-up shop, They have gained a weekly customer.
Sue Horneck
Amazing sandwich today!!! Great service, pleasant atmosphere and super value! I will be back!!!!!
Kevin Koski
Just finished this it was awesome. . Definitely our go to place for NY Style deli !
Dave Post
If you haven't tried these awesome sandwiches....what are you waiting for!?
Laura Nudd
A customer came in to my store yesterday after eating by you. They raved about how authentic your food is.
Jennifer Lea